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-66 page staple bound photobook.
-Custom 'WHO SHOT BILL?' Button Badge (57mm)
-Playboy condom (Ultra thin/Strawberry/Classic)
-Edition of 100.

-A portion of proceeds will be donated to Mind 

The year is 1971, a tall, brown haired, broad shouldered male walks into a bar on South Las Vegas boulevard. He approaches a young, red headed lady sitting at the bar, he sits beside her, he slides a note across the counter top, and proceeds to leave the bar via the back entrance. He's never seen again.

We're presented in a police cell, 8 hours later, a man, similarly built to the missing male from the bar, is sat opposite our Deputy Sheriff Jim Harper. The male, using the name 'Jack McCall,' is handcuffed, his boots muddy, his hands oil stained. The desk is clear, except for a mug of sweetened coffee, and our suspects journal, a Playboy magazine, adorned with cut outs and scribbles. 

"So, it's 'Jack?' right?'" - Harper asks, in a unconvinced manner, as he opens the playboy magazine to the contents page...


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Shipping will begin in October 2020.


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